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Founded In 1902

Exploration: Carrying on the Tradition for Future Growth

In the history of Peking University Library, such famous scholars as Zhang Shizhao, Yuan Tongli, Ma Heng, Mao Zhun, and Xiang Da headed the Library as Chief Librarians, while other well-known scholars also played key roles in the Library, such as Qian Xuantong and Gu Jigang. This starry heritage has enabled the Library to follow the research-oriented tradition. While offering due service to its readership, the Library has also committed itself to research and exploration, winning praise and respect for the Library people.

Endowed with rich collections, the Library has devoted its effort in exploration and display of the treasures in store. Besides compiling book-form catalogues of its collections, the Library also takes to publishing the documentations of its rare materials, such as Peking University Library's Collected Drafts Series and Collection of Rubbings of Peking University Library.

In order to provide guidance for libraries to spend their limited amount of fund on excellent journals, Peking University Library compiled A Bibliographical Survey of Core Chinese Journals and A Bibliographical Survey of Core Foreign Journals, handbooks that enjoy an authoritative reputation and are used as important bases for granting academic titles.

To facilitate scholarly research, the Library also compiled Index to Analects of Confucius, Index to Mencius, Index to I-ching and other indexes to classical works. These have won honor for the Library.

Besides service, the Library staff members also make their efforts on related research, enabling the two areas of work to complement each other. The Library has always distinguished itself in research and practice in automation among China's university libraries. As early as 1979, the Library founded a research group in the area of automation. Starting from 1980, corporation was on the way between the Library and China Science Academy Library and six other organizations in research and experiment in MARC. The first batch of small-scale computers was installed in Peking University Library in 1986, and in 1990 the initial implementation of the automatic system was accomplished in the Library.

The past hundred years have left the Library with diverse collections and valuable experiences. It’s reasonable to say that Peking University Library has survived the ordeals of a century and established itself as a towering stronghold among China’s university libraries. In the early days of this new century, facing the opportunities that we have never enjoyed before, we are confident to bring the Library up to a still more glorious plane of its development. The splendors in the past will spur us on our way forward, so that we will live up to our mission and to write new chapters in the Library’s history. The forerunners have had their day; it’s up to us to glorify ours.

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