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PKU Library warmly and sincerely welcomes donations of all types of literature materials.

For more information about donations please contact:Mr. Chen Tiren


Peking University Library Foundation

Peking University Library Foundation was set up to facilitate the development of Peking University Library and the exchange of bibliographical information. We sincerely hope that funds could be raised with the generous help of mainland and overseas corporations, social groups, Peking University alumni, and all those who care for development of culture and education in China and the growth of our library. Donations in the forms of books and equipment are also welcome.

Peking University is known worldwide for its academic achievements. Peking University Library, a vital element of our university, is an information center with a wide range of collection. In the past century, many historical figures and well accomplished scholars have left their footmarks here. At present, our library collection has reached a total of 4,610,000 volumes of books, the largest capacity of all university libraries across the nation.

This mammoth collection includes books, manuscripts, periodicals, rare ancient books and rubbings, and literature and documents in the forms of modern media like audio-visual materials, CD-ROMs, and databases. Professors, students, alumni, and other scholars of Peking University are proud of our library and fully recognize its value. There is no doubt that your financial support for the Library will benefit the later generations of learners that will honor our school and our country.

The new library opened at the end of 1998. The total building area amounts to 53,000 square meters, with 4,000 seats. With the opening of the new building and modernized management, Peking University Library will stand among the top-level university libraries in the world. Any donations will be warmly welcome and, at your request, made known to the public. Any person or organization that helps us generously with donations will be honored with titles like honorary councilor or advisor, visiting researcher, honorary member or reader of our library. As an individual, you can have your name inscribed on our memorial tablet. As a corporation, you can have your product type and trademark advertised. (Please refer to the Fund Raising Guidelines for Peking University Library Foundation.) Your donation to this Foundation will be well used and remembered.

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