Welcome to Peking University Library

Founded In 1902


For the past hundred years the Library has undergone various phases of its development, including the difficult years after its founding, the period of the New Culture Movement marked by a lively concurrence of thoughts and ideas, the tough ordeals during the days of the Southwest Associated Universities, and the fast developing stage made possible by the policy of opening to the world.

The Library’s collection has been expanding, its facilities ever in the process of being improved, and its acquisitions of new equipment and technology always being up to date. All this has made the Library an age-old yet modern Chinese library with magnitude in every aspect, winning an international reputation as one of the most important and best managed libraries in the country.

The very edifice of Peking University Library chronicles the dedication and pursuit of generations of its staff, its shape being the perennial embodiment of our dreams and wishes. The past hundred years will go down in history with our proud achievements, and the future years will prove that our visions and efforts will not turn futile.

I.    The collection of books: the effort of a century, the rewarding magnitude

II.   Personal Profiles

III.   Library Buildings

IV.  Running the Library: Learning from the West and Keeping the Chinese Identity

V.  Services: Passivity to Activeness; Crudeness to Perfection

VI.  Building up the competence of the staff: High-level Professionals

VII. Exploration: Carrying on the Tradition for Future Growth

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