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Founded In 1902


The year 1902 witnessed the founding of the Book Depository of the Imperial University of Peking, one of the earliest modern libraries of the nation. After the Revolution of 1911, the Depository was renamed Peking University Library. In the course of its development and transformation over a hundred years, it has become a comprehensive, open-type research library with ample resources and a high level of modernized management.

The Library collects a vast variety of books, covering diverse subjects, distinguished especially with its numerous treasures and rare items. By the year 2008, the Library (including the Main Library and its branch libraries) held under its roof a collection of more than 8 million books, with 1.5 million Chinese entries attracting worldwide attention. Among these entries are 200 thousand rare classical books, covering the period between the 5th and the 18th centuries. They remain the cultural gems and pride of the Chinese nation. Besides, as another strength in the eyes of connoisseurs, the Library distinguishes itself from its counterparts in China with good editions of foreign books, bronze and stone rubbings, and pre-1949 publications. Also to the satisfaction of readers is the massive acquisition of digital resources from home and abroad, amounting to several hundred thousand kinds, including databases, electronic journals, electronic books, and theses and dissertations.

The main building of Peking University Library has undergone phases of change. The west building built in 1975 and the east building built in 1998 combined to make the unitary edifice people see today. In 2005 the Library presented its new look after the extensive renovation of its west building, its entire area totaling 53,000㎡ with over 4,000 seats for readers. The services the Library now provides include circulation, digital library portal, resource retrieval, information service and research reference, interlibrary loan and document delivery, user training, academic books on reserve, and multimedia services, etc.

The Mission of Peking University Library is to propagate knowledge and pursue concordant development of its functions through its comprehensive collections and innovative services. To achieve the goal, the Library has been making great efforts to be a top public service system, with a view to aiding teaching and research in the university. Furthermore, As one of the most important academic libraries in China, the Library currently also hosts the following major national resource-sharing organizations: ①CASHL (Humanities and Social Sciences Library of China Academy of Science), ②the National Administrative Center and National Information Center for Science, Social Science and Humanities of CALIS (China Academic Library and Information System), ③the Secretariat of Instructive Committee for Academic Libraries of China (under the Ministry of Education), ④the Secretariat of Academic Library Society, China Society for Library Science, ⑤Editorial office of Journal of Academic Libraries. The Library thus occupies a pivotal position and makes a due contribution to academic resource-sharing system in china.

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