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Multimedia Resources

PKU Library holds a wide variety of multimedia resources, totally more than 30,000 physical items and online resources of 20,000 hours, providing support to teaching, learning, and literary entertainment needs for faculty members and students. These resources include: More... Less...

Academic lectures/reports, i.e. PKU Lectures, more than 10,000 titles;

*Language learning materials, including online classes from NEWORIENTAL School and 1,000 titles on CDs, tapes, MP3 and so on;

*Learning reference resources, more than 400 titles and videos for over 2000 hours;

*Movies, near 8,000 titles; Music, more than 100,000 titles; dramas, 400 titles;

*Online multimedia database, i.e. KUKE Digital Music Library, 'Zhishi Shijie' Video Education Resource Database, NEWORIENTAL School Multimedia Education Database and ADKS Lecture Database;l Open learning resources linking from Internet;

*more than 6,000 titles CDs Appended to monographs and periodicals, click to access ( at Library only).

All physical multimedia resources are available in Multimedia Learning Center (Room 201, West building). You can search all the Audio-Video &multimedia resources here and access them through:

* Online viewing anywhere on campus;

* Online ordering at Multimedia Learning Center;

* Playing on computer after selecting ones from the shelves at Multimedia Learning Center.

Microform Materials

D829.561-791/c76 Confidential British Foreign Office Political Correspondences

K207.8/n622/no.7.1.1.-7.1.735 The Nineteenth Century Books on China


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